Sunday, September 11, 2011

Back at it...

So I've been quiet lately (and when I say 'I' I mean 'The Blog').
This quiet spell can be split up into two parts:
The first quiet spell (lasting roughly a week and half) was due to me being sick and spending my time either sleeping or running to the bathroom.
The second quiet spell was actually due to me using up most of my spare time to develop the boring parts of the game (menus, state machines, options screen and such... Yaaaaawwwwnnnn...). I was quiet especially because this is the part of the development that people are really uninterested about.
This is usually the parts that developers leave to later parts of the project but I really wanted to get it out of the way so I can then focus on the funner parts of the process (the actual game development).
Anyways - I think I finished roughly a third of what needs to be done regarding the "boring parts".
I won't get too much into details here (unless someone really wants it, maybe just to save time) but I will share an image that I like:
I scribbled down (took me about 5 minutes) the general flow of the game (not including the gameplay itself) and after looking at it a bit I noticed that it's basically a general flow for mobile games (not including high-scores and social elements that I want to add later on if I feel like it then) so I thought it might be of interest.
I'm also curious if anyone either than myself will understand this mess (for me, of course, it's not a mess at all but I was wondering about other people).
That's it for now.

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