Thursday, August 18, 2011

Where I Want to Get to

Finally got back to coding tonight. Fixed the bug that caused me to leave this project for two weeks (turned out to be a very easy fix) and I hope I'm back on track.
I called this post "Where I want to get to" because this was my original intention when I started this blog but now it seems like a really big question to answer.
So I guess I'll focus on where I want to get to with this game and leave the bigger answer to a later time (especially since I've been pondering over the bigger picture lately and I don't really have a good answer right now).
So: I started out with this project with the goal of creating a relatively simple 2D game with a polished look and feel - one that would be good enough to attract users on a promising platform. I picked the IPhone platform as it seems to be the most promising platform for simple games nowadays and I'm using an engine that will allow me very easy porting to the Android later on (I'll get into the technical details on a different post).
I wanted to use the tilt mechanism for a match-3 game (I always liked these sorts of games) but that's been changed a few times already and now it's starting to look more like a puzzle game (or rather somewhere between a reflex game and a puzzle game). That's usually how my projects go, starting out with a basic idea and changing drastically along the way. I like it that way.
Anyways - I was shooting for completion in 4 months but I think it will be more like 6, especially since we started numerous new projects at my workplace that will probably force me to fly a lot and will probably leave me too tired to work at night a few times a week (and of course I have my three wonderful kids to keep me busy in the evenings), but I'm pretty used to these conditions and I'm pretty sure I'll complete this game in more-or-less this timeframe.
Regarding the bigger picture (I feel this post needs a bit of that after all) - I would be thrilled to create games for a living, but I don't think such a thing can work out in my current situation so I'll be contempt with working on these games as a hobby and producing around one per year (or possibly two once I finally stick to one engine and one platform). I'd also like to complete a novel (started four already but never found the will power to finish any of them) and have been dreaming quite some time of starting a start-up (in a field that holds more promise in it than games) and I hope I'll find the courage to do that one of these days.
In the meantime I suppose I'll spend my days working at a regular job (I'll write about my current company (also in the gaming industry) sometime in the future) and my nights (around 2-4 nights a week) working on games.

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